Apartments in Veliko Tarnovo

Tarnovo-Rental.COM offers you self-catering apartments for short or long rent in Veliko Tarnovo. All flats provided convenience, space and privacy- more then can be offered by the confines of a hotel. Take advantage of more spacious accommodation have your own living area, fully fitted kitchen, where you can make your own coffee. Essential to be aware of is that it is espresso that is commonly served in Veliko Tarnovo.

Apartmentĺs rentals can equate to a 50 % saving on hotel rates, providing the same or even better facilities. If you are planning a longer stay, you may get a discount.

To sum up, you are offered the space and facilities of a whole apartment and the opportunity to save money at the same time.Each of our rental apartments offers unique style, internet and cable TV with programs in English, French, German/CNN, BBC, DWů/available, phone, weekly cleaning and change of linen.In order to please the requirements of our clients our apartments are situated in different parts of Veliko Tarnovo with different capacity.


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Home: +35962 / 650082

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     Why us ?

  • central position near hotel "Bolyarski", hotel "Yantra", hotel "Concord", hotel "Etar", Veliko Tarnovo City Hall, the City Court and many business buildings
  • situated on the main business street, which is also a main tourist route
  • near all big restaurants and night clubs, next to the bus stop of the Varna and Sofia buses
  • the hotel apartments are renovated with high quality materials and have an efficient heating system
  • the apartments are safeguarded with contemporary security systems
  • the price per night in the hotel apartments is often 5-6 times lower than the price of a hotel room in the centre of Veliko Tarnovo
Hotel Stambolov Veliko Tarnovo

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